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Working Party Photographs, January 2009

On the Fairbottom Branch is a stretch where trees are encroaching halfway across the canal from the far bank.

More trees encroaching, although these will have to wait for another time.

The team sets about cutting back the overhanging branches and cutting back the trees growing from the canal bed.

Compare this view with the last photo on this page to see what a bit of sawing can do.

There were many thin branches that needed to be cut back before the trees in the canal bed could be tackled.

A woven fence was made from some of the branches cut down. Some of the branches used as stakes will take root so this will eventually become a living hedge.

The woven fence created as a boundary between the field and the canal.

Using a tirfor winch to pull stumps out of the canal bed. The tree on the left is used as an anchor and the stumps can be dragged out of the wet ground.

Many small stumps remain to be removed during a future working party.

The stretch of canal looking more open with the trees cut back.